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Since 1969 The Royal Shop was established as a family-owned business.

We have the perfect duty free retail operation due to the extensive range of products for all price ranges for all types of persons. We specialize in Fine Diamond jewelry, Luxury Fragrances, Elegant silver jewelry, precious and semi-precious gem stones, Watches and Cross pens. 

We have a very articulate business that runs in an organized and professional manner with well-trained staff and accommodating facilities. Customer service is one of our strongest characteristics that keep our customers highly satisfied and eager to return.

Duty-Free Products

The Royal Shop products are duty-free, so you'll get the BEST deals and prices. Our products are exempt from the home country's local taxation and duties making the prices competitive worldwide.

First-Class Service

The Royal Shop prides its success on Customer Service. Our Team promises to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one as a great reminder of your stay in Jamaica.


The Royal Shop is a family-owned business that has been established since 1969 specializing in Duty-Free Fragrances, Watches, Fine Diamond, and Silver Jewelry.

Our Team